Date: 13th December 2021

Time: 12PM – 3PM EAT (+3 GMT)

Venue: Public Service Club, Nairobi, Kenya

Live on Facebook & YouTube

Welcome to the book launch event for The Cephas Code of Christ. For the first time since Jesus walked the earth and John finished writing the Bible, categorically, definitely and with sound logic identifies with finality each of the Seven Seals of the book of God which in effect enables us to conclusively identify and name the book of God in Revelation 5:1 with certainty: So that “they shall look on whom they pierced” and ” every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him.” (John 19:37 and Revelation 1:7). Even more stunning is that these Seven Seals are demonstrably shown to be opening exactly as recorded by John in the book of Revelation. 

Through The Cephas Code of Christ Christianity and the Bible perfectly and cogently prove themselves to be pure heavenly works obviously far beyond the creation and reach of the hands and mind of men, and a clear and definite plan and design of God that transcends time and space. 

The Cephas Code of Christ is divine science and the ultimate and irrefutable confirmation of the existence of God as can only be written, signed and delivered by God himself in the Bible.

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