The word Petrification, coined after the apostle Simon Peters is the only English word whose origin is directly attributable to Jesus, and yet to date exactly what it is that Jesus petrified in the Bible has never been made explicitly clear, UNTIL NOW!

Two thousand years ago Jesus in Matthew 16:13-19 promised at Philippi to make Peter the rock of his church, but exactly what Jesus meant by those words has also never been made clear, UNTIL NOW!

In Matthew 12:39-40 Jesus promised the vexatious Pharisees and scribes that he would leave the sign of Jonah as the only sign of his divinity for them. “Just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of earth,” he said. What is the sign of Jonah, what is the heart of the earth? This has never been explained UNTIL NOW!

And just before his ascension into heaven after the resurrection, Jesus in Luke 24:43-49 revealed to his apostles a mysterious secret to understanding the scriptures which he explained is intricately connected with the number three. What was this mystery? And what is its connection to the number three? Remember those three days and three nights, the three times will Peter deny him, the three days he will remain buried in the grave and the three confessions by Peter after the resurrection? 

As at the close of the writing of the four Gospels and the entire Bible all these inchoate and mysterious references by Jesus remain imprecise and unfulfilled. For centuries these secrets would lie dormant and hidden in the Bible as it evolved over time, waiting only for God’s sealing to be completed for it to be immutable. The sealing is now long complete and the time for that revelation has come. IT IS NOW!

After the closure of the New Testament Bible canon, two gentlemen in the years 1227 and 1551, nonchalantly inserted into the script of the Bible, the chapter and verse numbers in use today which were universally assumed to be totally haphazard and random. UNTIL NOW!

Suddenly, centuries after they were inserted, the real meaning of the above inchoate words and works of Jesus crystallize in the year 2020 when it is divinely revealed that the chapter and verse numbers of the Bible are not haphazard and random, but are in fact a carefully and well designed mechanism by Jesus that unbelievably encrypts divine number codes into the Bible script including the famous sign of Jonah he promised centuries ago. 

When in this 1551 Bible versification, verse number 16 – in the first and last chapters of the Bible – is divinely allotted to Jesus, and he in turn assigns the same verse number 16 to Simon Peter at the numbering of the apostles in Mark 3:13-19, it becomes obvious; the Bible chapter and verse numbers are not random, they too are wholly divinely inspired! 

These chapter and verse numbers constitute a whole new and dynamic Numeric Scripture permanently sealed into the Bible that harmoniously blends with the Bible script to finally reveal the timeless Everlasting Gospel prophesied in Revelation 14:6-7, that was written would be unveiled at the last hour of the coming of the judgement of God! 

Eventually it is this verse number that forms the solid foundation of the sign of Jonah. It is upon this verse number 16 – termed the heart of the earth by Jesus Christ himself – that he sets about to build the truth of his everlasting church, the greatest creation since the Creation itself, “that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name to all nations.” This is the mystery of the Petrification of the sign of Jonah. 

Absolutely contrary to our concepts of time and space, in Acts 1:13-19 Simon Peter astonishingly direct quotes this futuristic Numeric Scripture of the Bible three centuries before the Bible canon was established and over 1500 years before the Numeric Scripture was sealed into the Bible. It is this secret knowledge of the Numeric Scripture by Peter that surprised even Jesus for him to remark on Matthew 16:13-19 that “flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my father who is in heaven.”

The Numeric Scripture, surprisingly hidden in plain sight for well over four centuries, has all along formed part of God’s eternal and divine gospel and is constituted by two of the seven seals of the book of God in Revelation 5:1 shown to have been written on the inside and on the backside.

The Cephas Code of Christ for the first time since Jesus walked the earth and John finished writing the Bible, categorically, definitely and with sound logic identifies with finality each of the Seven Seals of the book of God which in effect enables us to conclusively identify and name the book of God in Revelation 5:1 with certainty: So that “they shall look on whom they pierced” and ” every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him.” (John 19:37 and Revelation 1:7). Even more stunning is that these Seven Seals are demonstrably shown to be opening exactly as recorded by John in the book of Revelation. 

Through The Cephas Code of Christ Christianity and the Bible perfectly and cogently prove themselves to be pure heavenly works obviously far beyond the creation and reach of the hands and mind of men, and a clear and definite plan and design of God that transcends time and space. 

The Cephas Code of Christ is divine science and the ultimate and irrefutable confirmation of the existence of God as can only be written, signed and delivered by God himself in the Bible.

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